Canyon Risk Solutions is a registered reseller of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFISwitch).  This is a Criminal Illicit Activity Check and the only criminal verification check available to the South African corporate market since the discontinuation of the SAPS Name Clearance Criminal Check in mid-2011.

The AFISwitch Criminal Illicit Activity Check requires a candidate’s fingerprints in order to conduct the verification against the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The fingerprints can be obtained by capturing the ten fingerprints of a potential candidate electronically using a SAGEM MSO300 scanner. The fingerprint package is then submitted online for verification to AFISwitch and the data is checked against the SAPS criminal database.

In order to capture the fingerprints, a representative would need to be trained as a biometric officer and would need to purchase/rent a scanner from an accredited reseller of AFISwitch. Canyon Risk Solutions in coordination with Canyon Vetting and Screening Pty Ltd is an accredited reseller of AFISwitch; and of the MSO300 scanners, required for conducting AFISwitch Criminal Illicit Activity Checks.

Finger Please

What is AFISwitch?

The AFISwitch system (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) interfaces with the South African Police Service criminal database for the purpose of criminal background enquiries.

AFISwitch captures fingerprints by means of an electronic fingerprint reader. This can be conducted in the convenience of an office and as the fingerprints are captured by means of an electronic fingerprint reader, there is no mess!

What does AFISwitch provide?

  • Criminal background checks
  • Identification based on fingerprints
  • Significantly improved convenience, reliability and reduce turn-around times
Making Sure

Implications of the AFISwitch process

Criminal record enquiry cannot be verified by means of an Identity Number.

The results of the criminal background checks will be available within 48 hours if the person has no record. If a possible record has been identified, the results, including all details will be available within 6 to 20 days depending on the nature of the offence.

In the case of serious and multiple crimes, the results take longer. The nature of the record will be known after such time and Canyon Risk Solutions will be able to advise the client of the seriousness of the offence.

The results that count

Risk Implication

The integrity of the person operating the AFISwitch should be irreproachable.

The operator has to ensure that the applicant whose fingerprints are scanned is the same person who applied for the position (person interviewed – fingerprints are scanned).

The success of this process is based on the fact that each person has unique fingerprints; therefore, it is important to ensure that the fingerprints verified are indeed those of the applicant.

Certain options are available by Canyon Risk Solutions to support your specific needs.