Specialised Service

Peace of Mind

Canyon Risk Solutions take pride in providing a personalised yet integrated security service at many a residential and/or wildlife estate.

Our ability to secure your premises extends beyond the typical guarding service as we go about integrating our service with on-site and off-site alarm monitoring, specialised estate armed reaction, hi-tech security and tracking devices and dedicated investigation support.

We know what we’re doing

Our carefully selected staff are trained in

  • estate rules
  • access control procedures
  • armed reaction
  • control room operation
  • medical emergencies
  • advanced firefighting
  • domestic violence protection
  • crime scene management.
We’ve got backing

Our service is supported by

  • daily involvement of management in ensuring service excellence
  • 24-hour service level agreements with client-specific job descriptions and set procedures
  • security risk assessment surveys that aim to reduce possible security threats
  • regular inspections and visits by our supervisors and senior managers to security officers on site
  • 24-hour off-site monitoring of alarm and panic signals, electric fences and CCTV cameras/systems
  • cell phone and/or radio monitoring of alarm systems
  • police link-up for emergencies
  • access control measures, including scanning drivers’ licences and vehicle licence disks
  • professionally trained staff who install and maintain hi-tech technical security solutions